Easy Execution 

Local Analytics is the effortless way to gauge the real-world citizens behavior at all of your streets.

Our router installs in 2 minutes – just connect to power and to the Internet. Each router travels up to 2.000 square meters. We will supply a primary Internet access point.

Once your router is connected, you can view information from all your locations in our easy-to-use web Dashboard.

Citizens with Smartphones approache your town

Local Analytics measures the behavior of all your citizens that are carrying a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone. Normally, this is 40-70%, varying on the city.

Smartphones continually send out short “pings” as they search for Wi-Fi networks nearby. These pings include the phone’s MAC address (a unique identifier associated with a specific device) and other non-personal statistics like the signal strength that we use to verify approximate location.

We records Wi-Fi Pings & Evaluate them on the Cloud

Using our Wi-Fi infrastructure, we document pings and send them to the Cloud. For confidentiality, we jumble each MAC address using a one-way hashing algorithm; customers don’t need to actually join your Wi-Fi network or install a mobile app- you can determine their endeavors without disrupting their shopping experience.

Our cutting-edge heuristics obtain actionable perceptions from the data and stow them in Amazon’s extremely protected datacenters.

Business Receives Analytics via Web Services

Use our web-based Dashboard and programmed email reports to calculate and enhance your establishment.

Works firmly within our existing network infrastructure

Local Analytics is constructed safely and easily from the ground up, safeguarding both your business and your costumers.

 Mac Address Hashing

Each phone’s MAC address is jumbled with a one-way hash to establish a distinct and unique ID.

Encrypted data broadcast

Data is sent to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Secure data storage

Information is stored in Amazon’s extremely secure datacenters


Router management

Easily manage of your routers. Total control with high security .

Easy customizing

Simple customization the format of the data received .

Maintains PCI compliance

Our routers do not collect cardholder data or effect the topology of your secure network.

Local Analytics is committed to protecting the individual privacy of consumers. For more information, visit our Privacy Overview.

Ready to see Local Analytics in action?

We’ve built an interactive demo that shows you how Local Analytics helped others raise
awareness and knowledge around their cities.