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For only 60€/mo. per sensor, stores with up to 15 locations can be up and running in no time by signing up online for our Standard Plan

Standard Plan Details

What does the standar plan include?

You can track key customer habits like first time customers vs. returning customers, at what rate your store is capturing the customers attention, visit duration, and much more, all on our user friendly web dashboard.

How does it work?

We’ll come mount a special router in your store in less than 5 minutes. This router will detect Wi-Fi signals produced by shopper’s smartphones around your store and turn this data into practical data of the client’s habits

How much does it cost?

Each router has workable range of 2,000m2 and costs 60€/mo. per router. This will give you limitless access to our full analysis of customer behavior as well as a wide selection of brand engagement tools to help better your different locations. 

What do I need to install Local Analytics?

Only  two things! (1) The standard structure to install a broadband Internet connection with an open Ethernet port. (2) Access to a standard electrical outlet. That’s it!

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. We will cancel your contract at any time without any hassle and no questions asked. We’ll also reimburse you for the current month of service. If you wish to do so, contact