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Local Analytics metrics

We go beyond traffic calculations to deliver a more comprehensive image of what’s transpiring inside your city and stores. Here are just a some of the real-world metrics we provide:

Rate of Capture

How well do your indications displays attract visitors? Find out your Rate of Capture and enhance it.

Recurring Customer Ratio

Are most of your shoppers regular or first-time customers? Augment for the customers that generate the most transtactions.

Outside Traffic

How much people is walking around your streets or right past your door? Instigate your visits on the days that have the greatest street traffic.


Length of Visit

How long do your visitors spend in your city or store? Are they well attended or need help?

Customer Loyalty & Latest Visit

How much time do visitors spend in your city or business? Are they well attended or need help?

Engagement & Bounce Rates

Do people stay long enough? Or do they leave soon? Gauge the percentage that stay for the period of time you specify.


Citizen counting

How many people walk at a particular time by the point you have chosen? Should you improve the access?

Origin-destination Matrix

What direction people take? Do they follow the same route continuously? Learn people behaviors and the use they make of the public transport.

Tracking of visited points

What are the most popular point of the city? Which path people make? Do they repeat visit? How often?

Local business analytics  

Local Analytics helps you target your activities, identify the best practices, and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Improve city and business Operations


Seasonal shopping

How much does the seasonality affect your city? Don’t just measure traffic trends – look at the seasonal effect on Visit Duration, Visit Frequency, and Outside Traffic.


Hours of Operation

Should you extend your working hours? The Outside Traffic Measurements tells you how many people pass around the street during the whole day, so you can see if you’re missing out on potential visitors or custumers.


Employee Demands

How much labor should you be putting on your floor? Look at visitors minutes per hour to distinguish the most congested times of the day.

Identify best marketing practices


Loyalty Ratio

How loyal are your current visitors? Check the Loyalty Ratio of your city to see if you’re increasing the recurring visits.


Indication displays

Are my indication displays effectively attracting visitors? Compare the Capture Rate before and after installing your displays



Did your marketing promotion really increase the city traffic? With Outside Traffic and Capture Rate metrics, you can judge whether your actions made a difference.

Find out what works and why!

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